Story by Pat Carlson

On Wednesday April 28th, I experienced chest pains that radiated down my left arm. I was at work at the time. First responders, Firemen, Made me feel comfortable until the ambulance arrived. Once in the ambulance the EMT that attended to me was very reassuring and gentle. Never having experienced anything like this before, I have to admit I was quite scared. I had calmed considerably by the time we arrived at St. Vincent Hospital.Still uncomfortable, but much calmer. I would just like to thank ALL of the EMT's that attended to me. The only names I have are what are on the sheet given to me at the hospital...they are Gillespie, Troyer, Clark and Walko. The young lady that attended to me in the ambulance gets a major KUDO and pat on the back from me. I am very grateful for her expertise and professionalism.Also her sensitivity and concern. But thanks to all for their help. 


Pat Carlson
(EmergyCare Paramedic, Heather Sauer and EMT, Andy Stewart cared for Mrs. Carlson on this occasion)



Story by Coach Tom Slomski

Patient's Father

Here are the photos that were captured at Family First. My son Brandon is doing just fine thanks to EmergyCare, he can't wait to play soccer again, after all he is my star player. I just thought that the photos would be amusing, yet not under the circumstances.

New Image.JPG

- Thank you for sharing the photo Coach! Best of luck to Brandon, we hope he is back to soccer again soon! - EmergyCare




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