Story by Bill Jackson, A Grateful Patient

The Cropped Jackson.jpgmorning of January 8, 2010 started like any other wintery day for U.S. postal carrier Bill Jackson. Slippery roads, snow covered sidewalks, and lots of clothing layers were par for the course. But Bill’s life took an unexpected turn along his east Erie route when a steel awning gave way under the weight of ice and collapsed on top of him. Bill was pinned on the concrete under layers of tangled metal and ice.

“The sound of crackling ice is the last thing I remember. When I came to, I was face down in the snow. I knew I was in trouble because I couldn’t catch a full breath,” says Jackson. He managed to wiggle his cell phone out and call 911. It took 3 people to remove the chuck of ice, roughly the size of a grown man. EmergyCare paramedics knew immediately that Jackson’s injuries were life threatening. 
Mr. Jackson suffered a spinal cord injury so severe that it left him wheelchair bound for the rest of his life. A year and a half later, Jackson continues to be grateful for the response of EmergyCare’s medical team that day and the ongoing services provided through our wheelchair transportation services. 
According to Jackson, “The wheelchair drivers who transport me to various medical appointments have become part of my support team. I know when I open the door there is going to be a smiling face to greet me. And they are going to treat me like a normal guy, not a paraplegic. They tell me about their day, we share stories and when I’m down, their good humor is just what I need.” 
Today, Bill tries to come to terms with this accident that changed his life forever, “There are certain things that just aren’t possible anymore. But some dreams are still feasible.” Bill always dreamt of becoming certified in scuba diving. Recently he read about a new rehabilitative program for disabled veterans that uses scuba diving and is investigating if he qualifies for the program.
Jackson sums up his feelings this way, “I’ve come to know the EmergyCare wheelchair drivers so well that they not only safely get me from point A to point B, they help encourage my dreams and encourage me to keep going and not give up.”
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Story by EmergyCare Donor

My son had a heart attack at the age of 24. If it had not been for the quick response time of the paramedics, doctors told me he would have died.



Story by EmergyCare Donor

My husband had Alzheimer’s. I used EmergyCare for him after he had a fall… also used it in transporting him to different facilities. The service was wonderful.



Story by EmergyCare Donor


EmergyCare has been there for us a few times. We deeply appreciate and remember those that came & cared. Thank you!! Thank you!!



Story by Linda Kobielski – A note of thanks from an EmergyCare EMT to an EmergyCare paramedic

I would like to recognize my partner, Gerry Sorci for a job well done. He has been such an influence on my performance at EmergyCare that I love my job and never want to leave. I have been at EmergyCare longer than any other job in my career and Gerry has been a big part of that.

My partner attacks his role as a medic with professionalism, expert clinical skills, and functions as an effective team leader. His enthusiasm for his job remains high and and his loyalty to EmergyCare goes without saying.
Besides his work skills, my partner has always had my best interests in tow. He has respected my role as an EMT and the knowledge that I brought to the job. He is very humble and low-key when it comes to his compassion for others – yet he is truly a giant in this area. EmergyCare is a better place because of Gerry Sorci.



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