Emergency Ambulance Services
EmergyCare’s ambulances are typically staffed with one EMT and one Paramedic to be able to provide Basic Life support and Advanced Life support emergency care.

Emergency Paramedic Response

Many rural areas are served by a dedicated team of volunteer EMTs who provide basic life support care with their volunteer fire department. EmergyCare partners with these agencies to provide advanced life support care with paramedics. This partnership between EmergyCare and local volunteer fire departments is designed to provide rapid response to emergencies as well as the highest level of care possible.

Critical Care Transport Team
The most critically ill and injured patients often require specialized equipment and medications as they are transported from one medical facility to another. Our Critical Care Transport Team is a specially equipped ambulance staffed with an EMT, paramedic and nurse all trained in critical care.

Non-Emergency Ambulance
EmergyCare provides transportation to and from medical facilities and appointments for patients who are bed confined and require transportation by stretcher. Oxygen and medications can also be delivered during transport when necessary. These transports can be scheduled by calling (814) 870-1020.

Non-Emergency Wheelchair
EmergyCare’s 19 wheelchair vans are staffed with medically trained personnel able to assist our patients to and from their medical appointments and procedures. Please call (814) 870-1020 to schedule a transport.

Non-Emergency Medical Taxi
Many patients are able to walk on their own but simply do not have anyone to transport them to their medical appointments and procedures. EmergyCare maintains 3 medical taxi vans to care for these patients and keep them connected to the healthcare system. 

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