Q.) The volunteer fire department in my community has an ambulance. Why do I need an EmergyCare membership?

A.) Sadly, volunteerism across Pennsylvania is declining. Right here in Erie County, many volunteer fire departments are struggling with a shortage of volunteers. EmergyCare now staffs two additional ambulances (stationed in Harborcreek and Greene Township) to supplement the volunteer departments on weekdays, a time when very few volunteers are available to respond to emergencies. Should one of these EmergyCare ambulances transport you in an emergency, your membership prevents you from having any out of pocket expense. Please remember, if you frequently travel into the City of Erie, Titusville, Warren, or Kane for work, to visit friends and relatives or simply to enjoy some recreation, rest assured that should an emergency arise, your EmergyCare membership has you covered.


Q.) I live in an area served by a volunteer fire department. Will my EmergyCare membership cover me if I’m transported?

A.) Your EmergyCare membership covers you only when you are transported by a EmergyCare or Corry Ambulance (you are also covered, in an emergency, when transported by West County Paramedic Association, Central Erie County Paramedic Association, Community Ambulance Service, and Clarion Hospital Ambulance Service). If a volunteer fire department ambulance transports you, your EmergyCare membership does not cover their charges.


Q.) Why does an EmergyCare vehicle respond with the volunteer fire departments?

A.) The dedicated volunteer EMTs serving your community are able to provide basic care, such as bandaging wounds, splinting broken bones and performing CPR. The initial care they provide is vital. EmergyCare partners with these agencies to provide advanced care with paramedic response units. Paramedics are equipped with a higher level of training, more advanced equipment and multiple medications they are able to use to save your life in an emergency.


Q.) Does my EmergyCare membership cover me if I need to be transported to a hospital outside the area, like Pittsburgh or Cleveland?

A.) If the transport is a reimbursed service of your insurance provider. To learn more about your specific circumstance, please call our billing department at (800) 814-1038.


Q.) Why does a fire truck sometimes respond with the ambulance?

A.) The Erie Fire Department serves as a "first-responder" for EmergyCare. City of Erie firefighters are also EMTs, able to provide basic level care. Fire stations are placed throughout the city so, at times, a fire truck is closer to your emergency than an ambulance. When an emergency call comes in that sounds like it may be life-threatening (chest pain, stroke, unconscious patient, choking, etc.) the fire department responds to begin providing care. The location and severity of the emergency determine whether or not a fire truck is dispatched.


Q.) What is the difference between an EMT and paramedic?

A.) Emergency medical technicians (EMT) are basic level care providers whereas paramedics are advanced care providers. What this means is, EMTs are trained in providing important treatments including: bandaging wounds, splinting broken bones and performing CPR. EMT training is 128 hours in length. Once this level of training is completed, an EMT can then go on to become a paramedic, an advanced level care provider. After an average of two years of additional training paramedics are able to deliver more advanced treatments such as: starting IVs, administering medications and evaluating cardiac activity. Serious injuries and illnesses require this advanced level of care.


Q.) I need to take a CPR class. How do I find out more information about this?

A.) Please visit our Education page or call (814) 870-1010.


Q.) Why do I need an EmergyCare membership?

A.) Unfortunately, thousands in our community are impacted by emergencies each year. Purchasing an EmergyCare membership helps you avoid an unexpected bill. Even if you have health insurance, few insurers cover 100% of an ambulance transport. When you are transported by EmergyCare or Corry Ambulance, in an emergency, YOU PAY NOTHING out of pocket as a member.


Q.) I live in Millcreek Township and received another membership application in the mail. Why should I choose EmergyCare?

A.) EmergyCare has been serving Millcreek Township since 1985.

- For more than 27 years, we have provided Millcreek residents the very highest level of pre-hospital care. In an emergency, experience matters.

- EmergyCare's membership not only covers you in Millcreek Township, but in all of Erie County, Warren County, much of Crawford County and beyond. Only EmergyCare gives you so much value for your membership dollar.

- EmergyCare has a significant number of resources to devote to our Millcreek Township members. Daily, there are multiple emergencies at one time; EmergyCare constantly positions and repositions ambulances to make sure help is available when and where it is needed. Additionally, if you are in need of wheelchair, medical taxi or ambulance transportation, EmergyCare has more vehicles available when you need us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; often this means we can meet your needs quicker.

 For medical emergencies in Millcreek Township DIAL 870-1000.


Q.) How is EmergyCare funded?

A.) EmergyCare receives no tax support from the communities we serve. Primarily, we are funded through insurance payments from the services we provide. Additionally, our membership drive provides about 6% of our annual revenue. Hamot Medical Center and Saint Vincent Health Systems are also major contributors. We are also grateful for the support we receive in grants, corporate gifts and donations from individuals within the community.


Q.) When I make a donation, where does my money go?

A.) We are truly honored that so many individuals are moved to make a gift that touches so many lives. We want to make sure that if you decide to give to EmergyCare, your gift is used in a way that is personally meaningful to you. You are able to give an unrestricted gift that allows us to use your donation where we need it most. These gifts may be used to purchase equipment and supplies, provide educational opportunities, or support operational expenses. You may also make a restricted gift and decide what program or project you would like to support.


Q.) I haven't gotten a membership card in the mail.

A.) Starting in Fall 2011 we once again began mailing membership cards but they take approximately 3-4 weeks for your to receive them.  But no need to worry, your membership is effective the day we receive your payment.  And remember, you never need a membership card to receive services or to prove your membership.  We provide them simply because many of our members like the peace of mind of carrying an EmergyCare membership card and the card provides helpful phone numbers on the back. 


Q.) Will EmergyCare take care of me and transport me if I’m not a member?

A.) Of course! When you call EmergyCare will respond and care for you regardless of whether you are a member or not.


Q.) Does EmergyCare provide service in Millcreek Township?

A.) Yes. We have been serving Millcreek Township residents since 1985. We have been providing advanced life support care with paramedics in the Township longer than any other area provider. However, you will need to dial 870-1000 to get an EmergyCare ambulance in Millcreek.


Q.) Why is there a seven-digit number, 870-1000, to dial in Millcreek?

A.) Because you want the best care and service, you have a choice in doctors and hospitals. Likewise, we believe Millcreek Township residents deserve to have a choice in the ambulance service they would like to respond to their emergency. Unfortunately, Township supervisors have decided that, when a Millcreek resident dials 911, they are not permitted to request EmergyCare. In order to serve our more than 2,000 members in Millcreek who wished to continue using EmergyCare, the service that had been caring for them since 1985, we instituted the 870-1000 option. Anyone in Millcreek can dial 870-1000 in a medical emergency to have an EmergyCare ambulance respond.

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