Community Standbys

As a proactive community partner, EmergyCare strives to be available when the community needs us.  We’re proud to provide stand-by service at little to no charge for a wide variety of festivals, events and sporting activities each year.  You’ll find us at CelebrateErie, the Tall Ships Festival, Liberty Park events, fundraising walks and hundreds of youth sporting events each year.  When a large crowd gathers or a potentially dangerous activity is taking place, we feel it is a part of our mission to be on-site and be ready to deliver aid on the spot.  When thousands of people converge, the potential for illness and injury increases.  Last year we provided 5,620 hours of standby service.

If you or your organization is planning an event and would like to have an ambulance on-site, please contact Ashleigh Montagna at 814-870-1948 or  For events lasting a few hours, we’ll need advance notice of at least five business days.  For all-day events and multi-day events, please make your request at least three weeks in advance.

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