About Us

EmergyCare provides much more than a ride to the hosptal.  While our primary mission is to provide life-saving pre-hospital care in emergency situations, our organization serves the region in numerous other ways.  A sampling includes:

  • non-emergency transportation for those in wheelchairs
  • interfacility transports for the most critically ill and injured who cannot be moved without stretchers, medications and medical personnel
  • air medical services via LifeStar for situations that demand the fastest transportation possible
  • educational offerings for volunteer firefighters, medical office workers, daycare providers, those interested in EMS careers and the general public
  • community standby services where we'll have an ambulance on-site for community festivals, sporting events and fairs 
  • advocacy to positively affect the health, well-being and access to emergency care for the residents of our service area

We do all this across our 5,622 square mile service territory for the more than 550,000 residents.  We receive no tax revenue from the communities we serve.  As a nonprofit organization, we rely on community support in the form of donations and memberships as well as grant revenue to help us upgrade our equipment and to support community outreach projects and fee for service revenue. 


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